Welcome to the website of Reikiwest Haarlem, the experienced practice for Reiki, massages (including hot stone massages), counselling and mediation in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Are you looking for some peace and quiet? Do you want to get away from the hustle of life?
In everyday life a lot is asked of us. Work, social relationships and daily obligations take up a lot of time. However, a busy existence, tiredness and stress leave their marks in your body. Sometimes, you should book some time for yourself, leave things as they are for a while and allow yourself a moment of peace and quiet. In these modern times people keep rushing from one thing to another, without giving themselves time to relax, making them feel exhausted.

It is important to stop and think about yourself for a time, so you can get fresh start. Book one hour of rest and relaxation, let your thoughts flow freely and clear your head. You will see that you will feel reborn!

The holistic massage I give is not only focussed on the muscles, but also on mental relaxation, in which also elements of haptonomy are used. The Greek word ‘Holos’ means completely, which means that I treat the entire body when performing the massage. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience with the different techniques of massage, I can completely tune the treatment to your needs.I specifically have experience in treating and counselling R.S.I. patients. Being an R.S.I. patient myself, I have undergone a lot of different treatments and have explicitly studied R.S.I. and possible treatments, so I can guide you better on your road to recovery.

The most important thing for me is that a massage should be something nice. You do not have to have an ailment of some form to be having regular massages. You will see that it will do you a world of good, it will make your body more supple and you will feel relaxed…getting away from the hustle and bustle of life and taking some well earned time for yourself

massage, lasting more than one hour, costs € 40. A hot stone massage, where your entire body besides massage is treated with hot stones, costs € 40. You are requested to bring your own bath towel, or a large towel.

I am a Reiki Master according to the Usui principle since April 2001. Besides specific Reiki treatments, I often use Reiki in my massages if there is reason to do so. It adds an extra dimension to the massages and extra relaxation and flow of energy.
It is also possible to request a specific
Reiki treatment of one hour. This costs € 30.

Call me for more information or a reservation at 023- 5 33 47 51. You find  my home practice at the Prof. Kouwerstraat 5, Haarlem
(see routebeschrijving)

Hope to see you soon!